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IT-Security in times of crysis

As experts in cyber security, we are concerned with a holistic view of the emerging crisis that is having a major impact on our economy and our work. For example, one of the consequences of this Covid19 pandemic is the increased self-isolation and, thus, more work from home. This is not only to stop the virus, but also to save the health care system from the total collapse.

This lockdown is necessary, but it will involve a long period of economic weakness and lead to serious bankruptcies in the economy.

The Covid19 virus will stay with us for a long time, even if the research develops the vaccines quickly, they will not be available for a few months at all. Nevertheless, the business should continue to operate and this should also be the case when a second wave comes. However, productivity can only be maintained if working in a safe home office. Read our latest article here (in german) here.